Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Magic Touch

Oh my goodness... what a race!!! I thought the 4x100m free relay was going to be the best race of the games but not now! The entire NBC staff was yelling at the screen as we all watched Phelps barely win the 100m fly. WOW, that was way too close. The shots of Debbie Phelps were incredible. No one thought he pulled it out.

By the way: if you turned your TV off after the race, Cavic's coach filed a protest, but the outcome remains the same after looking at the overhead cameras. ((There are sensors along the wall that tell us who touches first just in case you were curious. The judges are there just to look for 2 hand touches and other technical stuff))

So Phelps ties the Mark Spitz's record and has one more event tomorrow at 10:58am Beijing Time which is 10:58pm ET and 9:58pm CT... the 4x100 medley relay.
Tune in tomorrow!

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