Friday, August 22, 2008

No Time for Sleep!!

Today has been one of the most exciting/exhausting day so far. I switched shifts at work so that I could go to the gold medal beach volleyball match this morning. It was pouring down rain but we bought ponchos and stood out in the rain and watched an incredible match. It was exactly the game I was hoping for... Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh won in 2 sets but the match was close the whole time, plus they were playing a China team so I got to see first hand how crazy the fans are.

After that game I went home for a little nap before going to the gold medal softball game. One of the girls I work with knows some of the players on the team and their families so we actually sat with all of them during the game. It was fun and reminded me of high school softball with all the cheering and stuff. I am so use to sitting with the media that it was fun to be able to yell. The game was delayed for a little in 5th I believe because of the rain. Unfortuately the USA team didn't win gold.

And then I came straight to work and will be here until 4pm (that's a 19 hour work day). It was all worth it though... and now the late shift guys can have the night to go out!

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