Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random things

I thought I would spend the morning tieing up loose ends. I totally forgot in addition to President Bush being in Studio yesterday. Chris Tucker was hanging out in the building. He was in the tape area where I work. Also Bela Karolyi has been hanging out alot. He has a segment on our show "Ring the Bela." Ha ha.

The rain was a huge help... I was walking around last night and the humidity and smog wasn't so bad and this morning it was kind of cool out and the sky was actually blue. Hopefully it will stay like this.

Here is the new picture of the Bird's next with the Torch lit.

And I went to the Water Cube the other night. It's got to be the coolest stadium.

Also if you remember I mentioned that there is always someone outside the elevators at my hotel... well I am starting to think they have cameras in the hallway or something because now before I even get to the elevator the down arrow is already pushed. Its kind of sketchy.

Time for the primetime show... go watch!!

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