Friday, August 8, 2008

Daily Grind

I just realized I haven't really updated you guys on what exactly I have been doing everyday here in the Fetcher room. Yep that's what its called "Fetcher Room."

The last couple days we have been working mostly with the Promos department back in NY. Just as we are on 12 hours shifts so are the guys back there. Essentially around the clock, they are calling us or emailing us looking for video that they need for the todays/next day promos. Yesterday (Thursday) we got an email at 530am requesting footage and they needed it ASAP. Of course it wasn't simple stuff, it was waterpolo (hungary), women's volleyball (italy and russia), road cycling and women's field hockey. So we go and try to find past olympic video or any qualifiers etc for whatever they are asking for. Then we edit it together and send it down our direct path to NY. Today we had a similar request but at least all the soccer stuff was in our system (because play already started). Things will definitely be alot easier once the games get going because all the footage is more accessible and we are not running around looking for tapes.

Did I mention that it is freezing in our building? I am definitely enjoying the 24 hour starbucks and not just for the caffeine but to also stay warm. I wanted to go buy a blanket to keep in here, but one of the girls I worked with in Torino is bringing a heating blanket and since we are different shifts we can both use it!!!!

Time to go back to work!


Leslie said...

FYI, as I was posting this blog... we just got a huge email with the footage requests for the next 2 days! Is my shift over yet? :)

Michael said...

A 24hr Strabucks you say? Sounds like a lot of grande mistos!