Monday, August 18, 2008

Making the Rounds

Not so consistant with these posts lately... sorry!

But in the midst of the long hours I have been able to see a few events... Two days ago I caught the Men's 100m final. That race was unbelievable. Usain Bolt is so fast and he could have recorded an even faster time had he not celebrated before crossing the finish line.
Here's a picture from the end of the race. Right behind that black camera you can kind of see Bolt's head and feet and then the rest of the runners crossing the finish line.

Yesterday I went to gymnastics. I saw the Women's vault, the Men's pommel horse and Women's floor. I am so sad that Shawn didn't win the gold but at least she and Nastia both medaled. I just wanted to hear the National Anthem but oh well hopefully I will see a USA gold medal ceremony.

Not sure what I am doing tonight. I still want to see USA basketball, softball and beach volleyball if I can swing it all. Oh I went to the USA House the other night. It was pretty cool. Every country has a house where you can buy shirts and stuff and then party a little. Sometimes the atheletes are there!

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