Monday, August 11, 2008

What A Day!

It was quite the day for us in Beijing! After my normal morning routine (coffee and breakfast) I noticed extra security around the IBC. We were expecting a visit from President Bush. The secret service closed off one of the hallways. I almost got stuck on the wrong side. Anyway if you saw the primetime show then you heard the interview. I was busy with other things but I hear it was pretty good. Mr. President appears to enjoying himself over in China. He has been all over the place (at basketball, beach volleyball, swimming, everywhere). So that was kind of nice of him fit us in his schedule and join Bob in studio.

Next on the show... Live swimming finals. First an unfortunate ending for Katie Hoff. She totally should have run the 400m free but let it slip through her fingers literally. I felt so bad for her. Now the greatest finish ever was in the mens 4x100 freestyle relay. Please if you didn't see find it somewhere and watch it! It was unbelievable. The anchor for the US deserves all 4 gold medals!

There's no telling what's next! Hopefully the womens gymnastics team can get it together.
Sorry thats all i have for now. Time for me to leave work for the day!

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