Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exploring China Pt 2

Well last night we finally went to the famous night market. I really didn't think I would be eating any scorpians, silk worms, snakes, whatever but I wanted to see it for myself. Mary Carillo said the scorpians didn't taste like anything especially since it was fried. I kind of thought maybe I would be daring but as soon as I got down there, I changed my mind quickly because the smell was so awful!! I really thought I was going to get sick without even eating anything. I was walking up and down the street holding my nose.

My friend tried the silk worm and scorpian. I somehow ended up with fried shrimp... even those were disqusting and normally I love shrimp but it must have been the sauce on it. I ran into Dan Steinberg down there... so random but you can check out more pictures on his blog.

Anyway... What a sight!?

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Michael said...

I can't believe you didn't try a silk worm!