Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Great Wall

I finally made it to the Great Wall yesterday. Despite the long day and having not slept in over 24 hours, 10 of us took a bus up to the wall. Thank goodness for the hour bus ride so I was able to take a little nap! One of the guys arranged a tour which was wonderful. Our guide, Woo, spent the first part of the bus ride telling us about where to go and see in Beijing... but he stopped talking when he noticed that everyone was starting to fall asleep. It was great to venture out with some direction! I was getting tired of it always being the blind leading the blind.

We arrived around 5:45pm but it was the perfect time. The weather was awesome, sunny but not too hot. Yesterday was like the first day that I needed my sunglasses. The weather is always great the day after it rains. Anyway, we took a lift up to the wall and spent a little over an hour walking around and hiking up the stairs but I did reach the top. (It was the tall stairs that got me because my legs are so short). If you look at the picture I walked all the way to top!

The view was amazing and because of the clear skies you could actually see. We left the Great Wall around 7pm and were able to see the sunset, it was beautiful!

Now with just 3 days left, I hope to get to see more of the sites of Beijing!

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Brenna said...

Leslie -

That picture of the Great Wall is amazing - so worthy of framing. What a fantastic adventure!! I've loved reading your blog. I like this much better than the emails b/c I can see the pictures. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait until next time. Trust all is well and I'll see you later.
- Brenna