Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rain rain go away!

First off, Phelps:gold in 400M individual medley --CHECK

We had a pretty big rain storm in Beijing today! I did not go outside but some of the guys I work with mentioned that streets were flooding. I saw some of the feeds from the venues and it was definitely coming down. There may have been some hail. Hopefully the rain clear up some of this smog or at least the humidity.
Even though I was not out in the rain, the weather did put a little damper on my day because a lot of the events were postponed and the cable show producers were asked to put together extra features in a short amount of time so we were slamming to find them the video. It wouldn't have been that bad except we were forced to search the archives because its so early in the games. No worries though, we got it all done and it was fine.

That's all I have for now. I am looking forward to tonight's basketball game USA-CHINA.

By the way I hope everyone enjoyed Opening Ceremonies. In case you missed it, a reported 70 million viewers watched!

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Heather said...

Opening ceremonies were unreal! I wonder how all the people involved got those jobs...did they try out? Sign up?

Yay USA basketball (minus Coach K)...everything looked like a highlight reel play...and Yao with the little Chinese boy was soo adorable.